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Could your pet be hiding a serious medical problem?

Some illnesses and injuries are easy to detect. Others, however, are not that straightforward. And since animals are notoriously good at hiding symptoms, it’s important that we take measures to manage their health effectively. Otherwise, diseases could be allowed to progress and worsen. Veterinary diagnostics are tools that allow our doctors to look inside the body and identify areas of concern that should be addressed. Earlier diagnosis means a better outcome for your loved one.

Hometown Pet Care employs a wide variety of diagnostic tools and techniques to help us remain a step ahead of our patients’ health. Our hospital is equipped with an in-house laboratory. There, our doctors are able to run a broad selection of tests to monitor your pet’s health. Whether it’s routine blood work, urinalysis, fecal testing or something else, we can get the answers we need quickly. This is especially important for those conditions which require swift and aggressive treatment.

If your four-legged family member seems a bit under the weather and you’re concerned that an injury or illness may be to blame, don’t hesitate. Pick up the phone and call us right away. We’ll get to the bottom of the problem and have your loved one on the path to recovery as quickly as possible.