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Could your pet use a makeover?

You’ve chosen a great doctor for your animal companion, but what about all of your other pet care needs? At Hometown Pet Care, we’d like to become your one-stop-shop for everything animal related. Could your pet use a makeover? From nail trims to full-blown spa experiences, our professional groomers have got you covered! You’ll never need to go anywhere else!

Keeping your pet properly groomed is an important part of his or her overall health. Companion animals that are groomed regularly are cleaner and more confident. This makes them much more enjoyable to be around. At Hometown Pet Care, we’d like to assist with all of your pet’s external health care needs.

We offer a wide variety of grooming services including nail clipping, hair trims, and baths. We also provide special medicated dips and baths to treat a variety of skin conditions such as mange or fungal infections. Keep your pet as healthy on the outside as he or she is on the inside. Schedule a grooming appointment today!