Nutrition and Weight Management

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Is your four-legged friend getting a little thick around the middle?

Staying in shape isn’t something only humans need to worry about. Those extra pounds your pet is carrying could actually be placing them in harm’s way. What about nutrition? If you’ve simply chosen a random food off the counter of your local supermarket, chances are it’s not meeting all of your companion’s needs. Diet and exercise play a pivotal role in every pet’s life, but managing this aspect can be challenging. With the right team in your corner, however, it doesn’t have to be!

At Hometown Pet Care, we can design an individualized plan that will help your pet get in shape and reach his or her fullest potential.

Nutritional Balance

The right food can do more than just nourish your pet’s body. It can boost his or her immune system, enhance performance and even help manage existing medical conditions, improving quality of life. The key is finding out what your companion’s unique needs are and then developing a diet that will meet those needs most effectively. Our team will evaluate your pet, considering such factors as breed, age, weight and current health status. From there we will make our professional dietary recommendation.

A Healthy Weight

Pudgy pets are adorable, but that extra weight could actually shorten your loved one’s life. We want to get that little cutie on the path to wellness by helping him or her reach a healthier weight. First, we will determine what the number on the scale should read, then we’ll advise you on a strategy to work toward that goal. This may include making changes to your pet’s exercise habits, modifying his or her diet or cutting out excess calories.

A Plan that Evolves

As your pet navigates through each life stage, it’s important that we make the necessary modifications to his or her nutrition and weight management plan. Our goal is to develop a strategy that will evolve along with the changes to your pet’s body. Over the years, we will revisit our approach from time to time to make sure we’re continuing to get the results we’re after.

Do you need help developing a successful diet and exercise strategy for your pet? Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can assist!