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How are you supporting your pet’s ongoing health?

At Hometown Pet Care, we believe that when it comes to keeping your pet happy and healthy, prevention is the best medicine. That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on wellness care. When we are able to examine your companion on a regular basis, we are able to protect him or her from many common illnesses. For those medical issues that we can’t prevent, routine wellness care allows for early detection and timely treatment. In most cases, this means a much better prognosis for your pet.

An ounce of prevention...

One of the biggest benefits of wellness care is the opportunity it provides to keep sickness and disease at bay. In addition to examining your pet on a regular basis, we will also develop and implement a customized preventative medicine plan. This will include appropriate vaccinations, parasite control, diet, exercise and more. Our strategy will be tailored specifically to your pet’s needs based on his or her lifestyle and risk factors.

Timely diagnosis and treatment...

Try as we may, there might still be instances in which we cannot completely prevent illness from occurring. Wellness visits allow us to run routine tests and measure your pet’s health status against previous years. That way, if and when a change occurs, we can identify it right away. Quick diagnosis and treatment can vastly improve the outcome for your pet. It can also save you money since addressing disease in its earliest stages is less expensive than treating it once its progressed.

Developing a sense of trust...

The final component of wellness care is the chance these routine visits provide for all of us to get to know one another. Trust is a fundamental part of quality veterinary care. The more comfortable you feel with us, the stronger a partnership we can form. Likewise, the more relaxed your pet becomes in our presence, the higher quality of care we can provide. Everyone benefits from wellness care!

The wellness services at Hometown Pet Care are available to animals of all ages. Call today to schedule an appointment and let’s get your loved one on the path to optimum health!