About Dr. David Prescott

A Love for Animals

Dr. David Prescott was born in Memphis, TN and spent his adolescent and teenage years in Germantown, a Memphis suburb. His childhood was spent on a family farm in Poplar Bluff, MO, where his love for animals first began. Feeding cattle, riding on the hay wagon, and working in the garden were some of his favorite things; he also enjoyed their family bird dogs and raising puppies.

Dr. Prescott continued his work with animals during high school by working at a veterinary clinic in his hometown. It was this and the writings of James Herriot (Dr. James Wight) that fueled his passion to be a veterinarian.


After graduating high school Dr. Prescott attended Oklahoma State University on scholarship with the department of Agriculture. There he worked on his pre-veterinary studies while obtaining a degree in Entomology.

Dr. Prescott attended the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine after graduating Oklahoma State University. He enjoyed the emphasis on small animals his years at UT provided and credits his educational preparation with being confident in helping his clients and their pets in his practice today.

Small Town Roots

Memories of living in a rural area fueled Dr. Prescott’s passion to return to a small town with his family. Thus, in 2005, Dr. Prescott bought Watterson Veterinary Hospital and moved to Miami, OK. He enjoys the area and seeing his clients whether it be treating skin problems or performing surgery. Dr. Prescott enjoys going to work every day and helping all the cute, furry, four-legged animals and in turn helping their owners, many of which have become life-long friends.

Personal Life

Dr. Prescott has many hobbies but two of his favorites are keeping salt water aquariums and shooting skeet, his current tank is a 120 gallon reef tank that can be seen in the lobby at the clinic. Dr. Prescott, his wife Amanda, and their three boys share their home with two mini Australian shepherds, Noulli and Tipper and they also have a few head of cattle. As a family, they love fishing, swimming, and going to the beach. They also enjoy a mean game of Chinese checkers, which if you were to ask Dr. Prescott’s boys, would say, “Daddy always wins.”

Photo by davedehetre under CC BY License

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